Woven Sacks, Bulk Bags & Nets for Firewood Logs & Kindling

Sackmaker stock a broad range of sacks for packing, storing & transporting Firewood logs.

Our range of Log Bags include:

• Woven Net bags with drawstrings
Perfect for small logs or kindling

• Woven Polypropylene Sacks
Supplied plain or printed with your details

• Barrow Bags
With our without vented sides - waterproof lids & 4 lifting loops

• Vented Bulk Bags with open mesh sides
Top quality 1 cubic metre bags with 4 tipping straps

• Standard Bulk Bags 90x90x90cm
Great value 0.7 cubic metre bags with 4 lifting loops

• Mini Bulk Bags 70x70x70cm
0.35 cubic metre bags with 4 lifting loops

Sackmaker hold a broad range of firewood log bags and kindling sacks in stock for immediate delivery including small log sacks and kindling net bags for packing firewood logs and kindling.

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Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

Log Bags, Firewood Sacks

Woven Polyprop Sacks, Net Bags

Net Sacks, Firewood Bags

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Sackmaker barrow bags allow easy transportation of wheelbarrow sized sack deliveries and sack makers range of bulk log bags and vented bulk bags let the wood season during storage then be easily transported. Our vented tote bags come complete with a tip strap for ease of emptying and all our FIBC’s and log sacks are made from UV stable material to protect them from sunlight. JHM Dickson supply printed log sacks to customer order our drawstring net sacks & white woven polypropylene bags for firewood are available off the shelf.

Call us on 0800 032 6447 for advice or if you have a bespoke / printing requirement on any of our range of wood sacks & bags or kindling bags.

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